Wednesday, September 3, 2014

First Day of School

I let the Lambs sleep in because of sickness. Breakfast was ginger ale. Lamb 1 was disturbed that we were off schedule from the beginning because they had slept in. Soon he was kept so busy going from one subject to the next that he forgot about being off schedule. :) Here's what we did accomplish by 11:15 even after beginning late.

Ewe personal devotions
Luther's Morning Prayer
Sing the Faith Catechism First Article
Lamb 3 fixed our schoolroom calendar after not doing this all summer
Read My Shadow by Robert Louis Stevenson
Prima Latina Review Lesson 1
Bible Story: Rahab and Joshua
Lamb 1 silent reading time
Lamb 2 and 3 learn to read time: practice sound and writing "b" and "c", I can Fold lesson, Ordinary Parents Guide to Teaching Reading read "am", "at", "ad" and then add letters b and c before those words and read all of them, practice writing lines and circles with Mama, Star Wars phonics book pages on "b" and "c".
Break to eat more breakfast since no one was feeling sick.
Geography Song: Canada
Presidents Song
Continent Song
Brain Song
Read from Famous Men of Rome
Read to review for Lamb 3 a book about the 5 Senses
Look at art from Jan van Eyck and Sandro Boticelli
Read a book about Leonardo da Vinci
Read a book about Bach's Goldberg Variations
Listen to 3 short Bach pieces from the CD that goes with Opal Wheeler's book
Lamb 1 spelling test
Lamb 1 practice cursive handwriting
Lamb 2 Saxon Math 3 Lesson
Lamb 1 begin Saxon Math 65
Lamb 3 Alpha Math U See lesson
Lamb 2 Music theory book
Lamb 1 and 2 practice piano

I realize that with interruptions for therapy and other commitments we won't always have an entire morning free like we did this morning. We did skip a couple of subjects because we started late. But I am very pleased with the first day and I think overall even with interruptions we are going to accomplish a lot this year. It was worth every minute of my planning of the schedule on Monday. The iPad playlist of school songs worked fabulously this first day.

Now I need to prep school tomorrow. I don't need to grade papers or make lesson plans like I did in the classroom. What I do need to do is organize all our school books, make sure I've pulled what I need like the map of Canada for the Canada song. When we go from one subject to the next and at some times all 3 boys are working on different subjects, there is a pile and mess in the school room by 11am. I will gladly sacrifice the prep time in between subjects to be done with school in the morning. And really it only takes a few minutes after school time after the first few days of school when I'm still getting everything organized.

I am writing this post during recess time. The Lambs say this is the favorite part of their school day. I have to wait until recess time to use the computer unless I get up earlier than wake up time. They have indoor recess because of sickness but most days (rain or shine) they will be sent outside to run off some energy after a full morning of school.

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Joelle said...

your school day makes me tired! I feel like a lazy homeschool mom when I read this! But I'm happy with what we're doing, so I won't compare us. Good job on ypur first day!