Sunday, September 14, 2014

Another ID blessing

One in four Idaho residents are members of the LDS church. Many of the children that go to the LDS church are very involved with Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts. One benefit of living here is there is a used Boy Scout store here. Lamb 1 got almost his whole required uniform and some optional parts of his uniform for much cheaper than new. I appreciated this because we are only planning on him being in Cub Scouts for about a year and a half before it is Lamb 2's turn for Scouts. We tried and it is just too difficult for our family to have all 3 involved in Scouts at once. So they will each have their turn in Scouts.


Anonymous said...

I'm an older mom here, just wondered if you'd ever reconsider letting the boys stay in scouting, if they liked it, since it can be such a positive program under the right circumstances. Perhaps as the boys mature they'll be able to take more responsibility and make it a little easier to have more than one involved. Our four kids were spaced a little bit differently but I do see the value of being able to stay with a program, such as Scouts, if the child likes this.

Esther said...

Why only a year? That really isn't the point of Scouting. I've found that it is easier to have BOTH my boys in scouting than the other way around. The whole point for Scouts is that they follow through on their goals--and having Scouts be a short term thing isn't really the point of Scouting. I'd encourage you to read these two links: and

My husband is an Eagle Scout. Zach is now a Webelo One, and Ethan is almost a Tenderfoot in Boy Scouts. This program is SO valuable--not only for the boys, but for the families. Perhaps you should find something else for the boys to do if they can't make this a long term goal. Otherwise, what are you teaching them about choosing a job? That you can do something for a year, and then choose something else? Sometimes it's not about things being FAIR, it's about sticking with something and completing it to the very finish.