Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Our Family Schedule Part 3

Our fall schedule:

Monday: Lamb 2 Vision Therapy, Lamb 1 and 2 Piano Lessons, Lamb 1 Cub Scouts
Tuesday: Lamb 2 Vision Therapy, Lamb 1 Cross Country
Wednesday: No extra activities! It is Ram's busiest day at church. I plan to stay home on Wednesdays and hopefully we get lots of school work and house work done. 
Thursday: Lamb 2 Occupational Therapy, Lamb 1 Cross Country
Friday: Ram's Day Off so school schedule may be changed. This is often our doctor appointment, field trips, and shopping day. Some Fridays we are busy in the evening but not during the day time so we have a regular school day. It really depends on the calendar and the Lambs know that Friday does not equal no school. It is either a lighter day of school or a regular day of school. Sometimes we get a lot of school done while waiting at a doctor appointment too.

This schedule will be changed when Cross Country finishes and when Lamb 2 graduates from some therapy.

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