Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Schedules/To do list

Ram and I spent some time this afternoon checking that everything was on our digital calendar for October and even adding a few dates for November. October is very busy especially with cross country and Lamb 1's Cub Scout activities. I will be glad when cross country and fundraising for Cub Scouts is done for this year. Now if I could just get Ram to look at that calendar before making appointments...

Today was payday so I spent some time paying bills and doing a little bookkeeping. It is clear that God is providing for us and everything is working out.

I'm hoping this weekend to figure out what the Lambs need to complete homemade Halloween costumes. There are several Trick or Treat opportunities in our area that we will either help with or go to. Lamb 1 also has to make a hat for his next Cub Scout Pack meeting.

We plan to take our minivan in for repairs soon. Then we will be down to one car for a few days. I do think we will be able to sell the minivan for a lot more than if we don't repair it. After it is repaired we have done enough car shopping to know what we want. We plan to have Ram go to a couple of car dealers in the area and see where he can get the options that we want and the best price. I am hoping that he can work with the dealer and get it to the point where I just have to go sign the papers, not make the Lambs spend all day at a car store. The boys are excited to get 8 seats. I am excited to get a rear view camera because of the neighborhood kids playing near my driveway. I will be giving up some features that I have taken for granted on our minivan. It will be worth it to not deal with the problems we have had on two American minivans.

We found out our roof was not damaged as the roofer had told us and we don't need to make any repairs. That is helpful for not paying the deductible and especially for the time it would take to put a new roof on. I expect our house insurance will still go up due to all the other roofs in the area that had hail damage.

We are going to try to dig our own hole for our free tree. Unfortunately it will be delivered after the irrigation water is turned off so we will need to pay for city water to take care of it this fall. We had a lot of rain recently so maybe that will continue after we plant the tree.

I have committed to making a few items for our church bazaar on November 1. I need to get going on those so they are completed in time. I want to take the Lambs to pick apples and pumpkins this fall.

We have a few minor house repairs that should be done soon. Those are at the bottom of our to do list. The to do list seems a lot more manageable today than it did last week.

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Rebecca said...

If you go to truecar . com, there is a lot of data about each type of car. You can get a certificate for a set price that can eliminate negotiating. The dealer we went to matched the price we had printed out. Hope that helps!