Monday, September 22, 2014

The Borrowers

Last fall Lamb 1 participated in a book club at our library. I wasn't thrilled with their book choices. Only Lamb 1 was the right age for this book club. Ram had another commitment on the night that they had it on. So that meant that Lamb 1 had to attend alone while I hung out at the library with the other two Lambs. Very few children besides Lamb 1 did not have a parent attend with them. Lamb 1 wasn't comfortable in a book club with so many kids. I still thought it was important for him to participate in it as he doesn't have chances like that as he is homeschooled.

This year Lamb 1 and 2 were both the right age for book club. I decided to check it out since 2 out of the 3 Lambs could participate this year. When I went to check it out I found out our library was trying a family book club this fall. I liked three out of the four book choices. I didn't know anything about the fourth book choice, but I didn't oppose it. It is on a night that everyone in our family can attend. Everyone in our family can attend together without one Lamb being left out. I signed up right away when I heard about it. 

It was a late sign up and we only had about a week to read the first book. The first book was The Borrowers by Mary Norton. Grandma had given us a set of this series a few years ago and we had not read it yet. So we hurried to finish the first book before book club.

Our assignment was to bring a shoe box to the first book club. We also brought a few Lego and Fisher Price toys. The rest of the decorations of our diorama were provided by the librarians. It was so interesting what the librarians thought would work for this project. The Lambs had as much fun making the diorama as deciding what other treasures to take home when the librarian announced that everything not used would be thrown away at the end of the evening. We were supposed to leave our dioramas at the library for people to see for the next couple of weeks. Since we had brought Legos and items from home that we didn't want disturbed, we brought ours home.

While we worked on our dioramas we discussed the book. It was so good for our male Lambs to be able to work as they talked about the book. Last year's book club that Lamb 1 participated in was just talk about the book in such a big group that you had to use a microphone. Family book club was a much better style for all the Lambs.

Lamb 1 thought of some items that were just like the book. He included a balloon to be the "borrowing bag" and a little hat to be the "borrowing helmet". The Lambs were especially proud of the little jewelry box that they thought looked like a bathtub. They also made wallpaper and pictures for the wall.
It was a fun evening. The Lambs have enjoyed playing with the diorama this week. Our next book club book is The Cricket in Times Square. Our assignment for this month is to wear paint clothes. We are enjoying reading the book and we are interested to see what we paint and what activity we do with this next book.

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