Monday, September 8, 2014

Our Family Schedule Part 1

I'm afraid if I listed the whole day the post would become quite long, so I'll post just our morning schedule first.

7am Ewe read (personal devotions from Treasury of Daily Prayer and one book that I want to read)/Lambs get dressed and then can play-sometimes Lamb 3 sleeps during this time
7:30am Breakfast, Luther’s Morning Prayer, Hymn, Catechism, Bible Verse
8am Calendar, Poetry Recitation, Grammar Jingles, Latin, Bible Story
8:30am Lamb 1 silent reading/Lamb 2 and 3 learn to read time with Mama (WRTR, handwriting, OPGTR, other workbooks)
9am Lamb 1 spelling and handwriting/Lamb 2 math/Lamb 3 play
9:30am Science and History songs (Patriotic Song, Pledge, Geography songs, Presidents song, Science Song), Read Science and History books
10am Read, listen to music, look at art from artist and composer of the week
10:30am Lamb 1 and 3 math/Lamb 2 VT on M and T-play other days
11am Lamb 2 music theory/Lamb 1 practice piano, Lamb 2 practice piano/Lamb 1  music theory, Lamb 3 play
11:30 Ewe computer time/Lambs play outside-This time is shortened on M and T due to VT
12pm Make lunch, eat lunch, vitamins, cod liver oil, devotions, clean up, Lambs do chores, Ewe prep supper
(Devotions= Matins/Psalm of the month/Prayer of the day from Treasury of Daily Prayer plus prayer requests from the Lambs)

*The goal is for Ewe to get up at 6:30 and get ready and have a few minutes computer time before 7am devotion time. If I choose to sleep in then I lose both a little computer time and my chance to read a book; I can cram devotion time in the 7:30 hour but I'll have hungry Lambs begging for breakfast too. 

*Lamb 2 loves to get up early and I think this schedule will be very successful for him. I love getting both school and piano practice done before lunch. Another reason to start earlier is I am trying to have Lamb 1 do more academic work this year. Lamb 3 has not always been ready for his subjects at the right time so there are some play times built in the schedule for him that he will lose if he doesn't do his school work at the time on the schedule. Plus he doesn't need to do as much academic work as a first grader that Lamb 1 as a fifth grader needs to do.

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