Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Advice to read the package

When the package of something you're giving to your child says "Not for children under 14 years old", you should read the package BEFORE you give it to your 3 year old child. You should do this to prevent a visit to the ER.

Ram's mom gave the Lambs some seashells with a note attached that said, "Is it time for this yet?" We learned the hard way that it was not time yet.

Lamb 3 was taking a nap (and he took a long nap after shots yesterday) so when Lamb 1 and 2 asked to play with the seashells that Ram's mom sent, I let them because Lamb 3 wouldn't get into them. Lamb 1 and 2 were having a great time playing "beach" in our living room. Lamb 1 was sorting the shells by color and kind before he spread them out-that logical thinker! They were spreading out the shells on the floor and then they picked them up and put them in their buckets.

I was in the kitchen pickling beets and Lamb 1 came to me.
Lamb 1: "Mama, Lamb 2 is putting shells up his nose."
Ewe: "We need to pick up all the shells then and Lamb 2 won't be allowed to play with them."
At this point Lamb 1 had a fit because he was treating the shells the correct way. After he calmed down a little bit-
Ewe:"Lamb 2 do you have all the shells out of your nose?"
Lamb 2: sheepishly "No"
Ewe:"Take them out NOW and finish picking up the shells."
Lamb 2: even more sheepishly "I can't."

So I used a flashlight and sure enough, a tiny snail shell was stuck up his nose. I didn't want to interrupt Lamb 3's nap so Ram took Lamb 2 to the emergency room* by himself. I thought about trying to get it out with a tweezers but I was afraid I might lodge it up there more. The doctor had Lamb 2 try to blow his nose without success. Then he used an alligator forceps and successfully got the shell out. The doctor gave the shell back to Lamb 2! I'm not sure if I should put it in the scrapbook.

*Our doctor just resigned and is moving so we are going to have to search for a new doctor. We decided it made more sense to go to a doctor 7 miles away instead of 15 miles away. So we are currently in the process of switching doctors. If we would have known the doctor we would have just taken him to the office instead of the emergency room. Plus it was over the lunch hour so I wasn't sure if the clinic was open.

After they left for the hospital I noticed on the caution note on the package. The Lambs have played with tiny shells that they picked up at the beach in CA several times, even before Lamb 2 turned 3 years old. I guess it was just too tempting to stick new shells up his nose?

I'm sure you moms with lots of boys are laughing at me right now. Please remember that I don't have any brothers. So far Lamb 1 has broken his leg, but we haven't had any incidents with Lamb 2 or 3. Ram was proud of me that I didn't freak out about this, I calmly said that Ram and Lamb 2 needed to go to the hospital.

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Dakotapam said...

I think I might have 'tame' boys. Owen had a trip to the ER when he folded himself in a folding chair on our first day of homeschool devotions when he was 4...and we were at the ER for a medical emergency that was no fault of Andrew's but other than that we've had no other breaks or stitches. Most things that get broken by boys in our house are by other boys. I just may be spoiled. This next baby just may be my undoing:)