Saturday, August 29, 2009

Mini Vacation Day 1

We received a flyer in the mail that we could have one free night at a Best Western in the Twin Cities area. I don't know how we got on their mailing list. Usually I just pitch stuff like that, but something caught my eye. The deal needed to be used before Labor Day. We were surprised that we could get a room for the first night we asked for. It really was completely free, not even pay tax. They had renovated recently and wanted people to know about their "new" hotel.
We left Thursday afternoon and drove to the Twin Cities. Lamb 1 complained most of the trip there and home that it was too long of a drive and he didn't want to go. Office Depot and Target had some sales so we went there first.
We ate supper at Don Pablos. All 3 Lambs ate really well. Lamb 3 really surprised me. He ate all my rice and cornbread and several of Lamb 2's chicken strips. Usually if a food is new to him he will refuse it until we basically force him to try it and he likes it. This time he begged for the food! He kept hinting that he wanted taco (he loves Ram's tacos) but I was afraid it would be too spicy for him. We rewarded the Lambs with a bowl of ice cream to share. All 3 found room for that!
We were surprised that the hotel didn't have a pool. The Lambs were disappointed to not go swimming. We ate a nice continental breakfast at the hotel and then headed to the zoo. We didn't realize that the zoo was very close to the state fair so we got in a lot of traffic both going and leaving the zoo. I'll blog about our trip to the zoo tomorrow. This was a real treat for us to go do something fun in the Twin Cities where there is so much to do. With a 4 hour drive to the Twin Cities, even if we get up early and get home late, there is usually just time to go shopping at a few stores and if Ram needs to visit someone do that. But with the free hotel room we were able to do both the zoo and shopping.

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