Saturday, August 22, 2009

I caught the Lambs...

Tonight we were late getting to bed after a long afternoon at the county fair, making supper, and taking baths. The Lambs were upset with me because there was no time to read books. Their bedtime is 8pm and they didn't get to bed until 9:30pm. I sent them to do one more thing to get ready for bed. They didn't do it. I caught Lamb 1 "reading" the best he could to Lamb 2. They were so cute sitting in my chair just like I read to them. But they were told to do one more thing and then go to bed. Since they didn't do that, they were in trouble. I hate being a mean mom when they do something like this and are so cute!
We have had a busy weekend. Yesterday evening we finished going to the rest of the parks for that program that ends on Tuesday. Today we went to the county fair and Lamb 1 participated in his first tractor pull, Lamb 3 looked like he was going to win the diaper derby but another girl beat him, and everyone enjoyed petting the animals and all the other fun at the fair. Tomorrow we have church, a parade to watch in the afternoon, and at 7pm one of our senators is calling for a tele-conference about health care reform. Plus we were given a huge bag of corn yesterday and somehow I have to find time to deal with that. Finally, I have to try to get our photos together and make up books for the boys for the park program by Tuesday. The Lambs have all had a lot of fun and lots of fresh air, but too many late nights. I'm already dreading tomorrow morning to get up for church.

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