Friday, August 14, 2009

Excitement at our house

Yesterday: We picked our first ripe tomatoes! Not too bad since we didn't weed the garden very much and we have had a really cold summer until recently.

Today: The Lambs and I were all down in the basement. I was cleaning out the freezer and doing my best to keep Lamb 3 from taking the frozen items and placing them other places in the basement, where they would thaw out and be wasted.
Lamb 1: "Mama, Lamb 2 says there is a snake under our play car."
Ewe: "Why do you have your play snakes down in the basement?"
Lamb 2: "No Mama, it's REAL."

So we all hurried over to check it out. It was small and not moving so I really thought it was one of their play ones at first. Then I noticed it was the same colors as the snakes in our town and in our garden. I was thankful Ram was home to take care of it. He went to get a shovel and was going to kill it. I wouldn't let him kill it. I got a box and he scooped up the snake in the shovel and put it in the box. He took the box outside. Lamb 3 didn't pay much attention, but Lamb 1 and 2 enjoyed the excitement! This is the first snake we saw in our basement in the 6 years we have lived here. Last summer we did a major clean up of the basement and I'm surprised we didn't see one then. I know it's a harmless garter snake, but I want it in my garden, not in my house!

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Dakotapam said...

You are kinder than me!! I would have made Matt kill it for sure! Remember, I grew up in rattlesnake country...and apparently, I'm back there again now!

Yay on the ripe tomatoes...ours are still as green as granny smith apples!