Monday, August 31, 2009


I couldn't figure out why we had so many flies in the house. Ram has been using the flyswatter like crazy. Ram even hung a plastic baggie with water and coins in the basement from internet advice. They were worst in the basement. I wondered if someone left the door open or what happened.
Tonight I finally got around to washing the dirty diapers that had been sitting there for about a week. There were a bunch of dead flies on the top of the diapers. Then, as I got to the bottom of the pail, I realized why we had so many flies in the house! Gross! Gross!
The fly larvae or maggots or whatever they are, won't flush down the toilet-they are too light or whatever. So now I have a bunch of dead fly larvae in the basement toilet and a bunch of live flies all over my house.
Thankfully the diapers are all in the washer with lots of soap and baking soda. I think I got all the flies off of them before I put them in the washer-hoping to avoid the toilet problem in the washer.
The ironic thing is that I've been cleaning the house a room at a time and I've been so busy on that, that I got behind on laundry including the cloth diapers. When I cleaned the living room I took the diaper pail downstairs planning to wash the diapers and give the diaper pail a good scrub.
I've learned my lesson and I won't procrastinate on washing the diapers again-especially not in the summer.


Faith K. said...

Yikes!! A help, though, maybe, with the toilet: Lift the back of it, push the floater down, and let the tank fill up to the most it can go. It should give that extra push of water to force the little buggers down the drain.

Erin said...

Oh yuck. I threw up in my mouth a little bit just reading this. How did you ever manage? I would have made Chris do it. I am such a baby.