Thursday, August 6, 2009

Julie Stiegemeyer books

I don't know if we have all of Julie Stiegemeyer's books from CPH, but we have a lot of them. We bought the church books (Things I Hear in Church, Things I See in Church, Etc.) when I was pregnant with Lamb 1. A child we know referred to the Lord's Supper as "cup and plate" after reading these books. The Lambs have worn out these church books and they have been repaired several times. They are excellent for little ones. I have bought them as baby gifts for a few people. We also read her St. Nicholas book every year on St. Nicholas Day. I think we have all of her children's books except the Arch books she has written. (See my post yesterday about Arch books.)

Our school district is involved in Dolly Parton's Imagination Library program. Each child receives a free book each month until they turn 5 years old. Lamb 1 was able to receive a few books when our community started this program before he turned 5. The first book they receive is "The Little Engine That Could". The last book they receive is, "Look Out Kindergarten, Here I Come". I signed the Lambs up but didn't expect much. I never expected to receive such nice quality picture books. They are usually hardcover too. And the Lambs enjoy getting a new book in the mail each month with their name on it. Imagine my surprise when a few months ago, Lamb 2's book that he received in the mail, was written by Julie Stiegemeyer!

Gobble Gobble Crash! is a really cute counting book set in a barnyard. We have read it several times since we received it a few months ago.

I have met Julie Stiegemeyer and even had her sign one of our books, but I don't know her. I e-mailed her and thanked her for Gobble Gobble Crash. She wasn't even aware that her book was part of the program. She was thankful that I told her about it.

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