Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I wish I was...

This is where I wish I was this week. I haven't been home to Fort Wayne since June of 2008. We have no plans to go to Fort Wayne soon. We have a huge amount of credit at Hyde Brothers. I want to eat here or here. I want to take the Lambs to see the new African exhibit at the zoo. I want to worship with other Loopers, hear the great speakers, and have time to chat with my friends-both Loopers and other friends. I want to celebrate with my parents that they have been married 40 years.
We traveled a lot this summer and we just couldn't ask the Lambs to drive that far again. Ram couldn't get another Sunday off. We just paid our credit cards for the trips we took in June and July. As much as I wanted to go to Fort Wayne, it just didn't work this year. I hope that they have a great retreat and that there is enough interest to do it next year. Hopefully we will be able to attend if they have another retreat. I hope that my Looper friends that were able to attend talk about the retreat on their blogs.
Ram spent the day visiting people and had a meeting. I spent the day cleaning out the closet in the Lamb's room. I also started to clean out my desk. I had about 30 rolls of Scotch tape buried in there. Last week I bought some Scotch tape because I didn't know I had a lifetime worth of tape in my desk! Things have piled up both on the desk and in the cupboards of the desk since we moved here 6 years ago. I took several loads to our recycling bin. I have a lot more to go. It feels good to get a little more organized. But I still wish I was in Fort Wayne instead of cleaning out things today.

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