Sunday, August 30, 2009

Mini Vacation Day 2

We went to Como Park Zoo and Conservatory on Friday. This zoo is free, they just ask for donations. We got in traffic because it was near the MN State Fair, but we had a great day. They had a special butterfly exhibit that was really cool to walk through. We saw the animals and even saw the Sparky the sea lion show. This was a good size zoo for the Lambs at their ages. Lamb 2 and 3 on a tortoise
They had a "play room" that was perfect for the Lambs. Lamb 1 constantly asks me what foods different animals eat. They had play food for the Lambs to feed the animals. Lamb 2 and 3 are feeding the tiger some steaks and bones. At the zoo we saw they feed the big cats horse heads!

Lamb 3 (with assistance from Papa) feeding grass to the zebra.

Lamb 2 wasn't quite tall enough to play in the water area (I don't know why they designed it that way!) but he was determined. The water area showed how/why it rains.

Lamb 3 enjoyed the play room even though he couldn't reach everything his big brothers could. He crawled through the tunnel and here he is watering the plants.

Lamb 1 planted a pretend flower garden and watered it.

Ewe with her 3 Lambs. Lamb 1 is holding his new animals from the gift shop. He claims the only part of the day he enjoyed was getting some new animals at the gift shop. We are in the gardens in this photo. After we saw the zoo then we played in the play room and finally we went to the gardens. The conservatory was fascinating and Ram and I would have liked to have spent longer there, especially in the room with spice plants and trees. The Lambs were done by that point so we were only able to do a quick walk through the gardens.

We rode the carousel. This carousel used to be down the street at the state fairgrounds. It is over 100 years old. Lamb 3 was tired and didn't enjoy the loud carousel.

Lamb 1 was old enough to ride by himself on the outside row of the carousel. Lamb 2 rode with Ram next to him. Ewe held Lamb 3.
After we were done at the zoo, we missed an interstate connection. We don't know if we just missed it or if it was because of construction or what. It's difficult in an unfamilar part of the city. So we went way out of our way. We finally stopped for lunch and by then all 3 Lambs had fallen asleep. We drove back a more familiar way and made it to my Looper friend Lissa's house. Her girls are teenagers, but the Lambs enjoyed playing on her swingset while we chatted.

Ewe with Lissa
After a short visit with Lissa we went to Costco. We needed to stock up on rice milk and bought some other goodies including some gingerbread biscotti. We got take out from Panera Bread and headed home. We still got home very late, but we were able to do the zoo, visit with Lissa, and some shopping. It was nice to get away for a few days.


Jane said...

Looks like a great little getaway!

altonwoods said...

What a wonderful time in the late summer of oh-nine! loved your blog!