Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fall Vacation Day 5 (September 9)

In the morning Ram stayed at my parent's house with the Lambs while my sister and I went shopping. Our mission was to find something for me to wear on Saturday when we went to Saint Louis. I knew it was expected to be warm on Saturday and I had lots of appropriate winter and spring clothes, but nothing for a church service in September. I had brought a few tops and skirts along and my sister didn't approve of wearing anything that I brought (at least not a top and a bottom together). We found a nice white blouse that I ended up wearing and you will see in lots of photos when I get that far blogging. We also went to Target and the mall and did a little more necessary shopping. It was nice to go with my sister without the Lambs.
After lunch Ram and I took the Lambs to the Seminary. We had heard they had a new playground. The boys enjoyed some play time at the playground while Ram bought a few books at the bookstore. This was the best picture-trust me I took a ton of photos at the playground that day. They just wanted to play, not stop for photos!

Each year when I was teaching I took my students to the Seminary for a field trip. I always took a photo of my students by the Martin Luther statue. I had to get a photo of the Lambs and Ram there too.

We took a walk through the woods on my classroom field trips. We always took another photo of the class on this bridge. So I had to get a photo of the Lambs and Ram here too. They got tired of these photos that "Mama had to have".

On the walk through the woods, Lamb 1 said they should mow the paths. They didn't get the concept of walking through the WOODS. We weren't dressed appropriately for a walk through the woods (especially sandals didn't work well).  It was a short walk but the Lambs still found a few "treasures". Their pinecones and other treasures were in the car for weeks after this nature walk.

After our walk through the woods Ram took the Lambs home to my parent's house and I went to visit my friend Sharon. Sharon was the school secretary when I taught at Zion. Sharon has had many treatments for brain cancer. She was doing well the day I visited and we had a nice chat. I'm sorry I didn't take any photos with Sharon.

After my visit with Sharon, then my friend from high school, Laura, came over to my parent's house. I just had to say that my parents still lived in the same house and she didn't need any directions. We have tried to get together each time I went back to IN since I moved to MN and it had never worked out before this time. I think the last time I saw her for more than a few minutes (or a wave to each other at an event in Fort Wayne) was at my wedding, and you know that you can't really talk to someone at your own wedding. It was so good to spend an afternoon together catching up. My sister made sweet tea and her yummy spinach dip for us to snack while we chatted. Ram and my parents tried to watch the Lambs so we could chat. Laura and I got to know each other for 3 years of French class in high school. No, I don't remember any French now, but Laura might.

After Laura went home, Ram went and got take out from Casa (Italian) for supper for us. Then I had to pack for our trip to Saint Louis. Our week in Fort Wayne went by way too quickly, but we saw a lot of family and friends.

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