Friday, October 1, 2010

I voted today!

Our town is so small that EVERYONE mails in their ballot, there is NO polling place. We received our ballots earlier this week so Ram and I voted tonight. We witness each other's ballots. When we first moved here I found this so strange after living in a big city. Some years I have forgotten the election day since we voted so early.
It is going to get very annoying if we receive phone calls or junk mail campaigning for the next month when we've already voted.
At local parades this year, I allowed the boys to take several stickers for one particular political candidate and none for the candidate that was not 100% pro-life. At the last parade one of the candidates recognized our family and asked how many parades we go to. We didn't go to that many parades, but he remembered our family's support.
It also was interesting that after 7 years here we knew most of the people running for local offices. When we first moved here I had no idea who to vote for.
I was glad to get this task done so it's not one more thing to do while Ram is recovering from surgery.
In other news, our small town is going to pay $1500 to get street signs in our town. You read that right, we currently have no street signs in our small town. If you want to know where some one lives, you stop at the cafe or the bar or the post office and ask. The UPS man often does that. We learned the hard way that the FedEx man doesn't stop to ask, he just leaves it at the house that he thinks is the correct address. Thankfully it is a small town so when a package turns up at the wrong house, those people call and tell you the package is at their house. I don't know if the street signs will make it easier or more difficult for people that live here. They've been doing their system for years!

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