Monday, October 25, 2010

Fall Vacation Day 6 (September 10)

This was a driving/short visits day. When my dad saw our schedule for this Friday, he thought it was too much for one day, especially for the Lambs. We managed to do everything on our schedule. Our family plus my dad went on this trip. First, we drove to Indianapolis and stopped to see my friend from high school, Kristy. Kristy was one of my bridesmaids. I hadn't seen her since our last trip to IN, 2 years ago. Kristy had a little boy named Joshua that was about 6 months old when we visited. We met at Josh's daycare and brought her food for lunch and ate it outside. Kristy is doing a great job being a mom, working full time, and also making strides to promote breastfeeding in her office. The daycare is across the street from her office.

This photo is of our oldest boys, who were both born the first week of March. Lamb 1 did not want his photo taken and Josh was more interested in his fingers than the camera.

The photo of the moms with their "babies" went a little better. There was still something more fascinating than the camera to Lamb 3 and Josh though.

After our lunch visit with Kristy, then we drove to Saint Louis. Our first stop was to my college friends, the Roeglin family. Baby Daniel was just 11 days old when we visited. We just stopped in for a quick visit, but Karla's family (parents, one sister and her kids) were also just arriving for the weekend because Daniel was baptized that Sunday. It was crazy between all those kids, and we didn't have much time, but I was so glad to see Karla and her family. I don't do Facebook so I had only received a couple of photos so it was great to see and hold Daniel. It was also fun to see Karla's older sister, because she had taught at the same school when I student taught. It was great to see her oldest daughter that was a baby that year that I student taught, that was now FIFTEEN.

The last time I saw Karla was when her 5th child and Lamb 2 were both babies, about 4 years ago. The last time I saw Karla she said that they were probably done with their family now that they had 5 children. I'm so happy for her that she had #6! She said her biggest problem was that there were 5 older siblings but only 1 baby for them to hold. Daniel was adorable. My babies were so tiny compared to Daniel (2-3 lbs less) that I did not feel like I was holding an 11 old day baby.

This was our attempt at a 2 family photo. Matt and Karla, their 2 girls and 4 boys, Ewe and the 3 Lambs.

I couldn't resist taking a photo of Lamb 3 with Daniel's Charlie Brown doll since Lamb 3 was dressed as Charlie Brown.

After a short visit with the Roeglin family, then we met Lamb 2's godfather and his wife for dinner at a restaurant like Panera Bread. Jonathan and Megan have been married about a year. Jonathan is my cousin. We hadn't seen them since their wedding. Jonathan is a 4th year seminarian at Saint Louis. It was great to see them and to have help to know where to go at the Seminary. I had been to the Seminary one time several years ago and my dad had never been there before. Lamb 2 enjoyed the attention from his godfather. This visit was much too short too.

After dinner then we had a terrible time getting to our hotel that we had reserved. We could see the hotel from the road, but we couldn't figure out where the frontage road was to get into it. We finally found it and got a little sleep before we had to get up early in the morning.

Saturday was a very big day. I'm going to have to think through what to post about the day and I'm sure it will be more than a one day post. Everyone else posted shortly after that day, but I'm just getting to post to it now.

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Anonymous said...

I saw your comment about Daniel not seeming so little as your boys were so much smaller. That is so funny as for me it was the opposite - my 3 babies were all 10 lbs at birth so he seemed so little to me! Kathy S, blessed to be that babies godmother :)