Monday, October 4, 2010

Pre-Mayo Day

Ram and his parents went to a doctor's appointment today. I tried unsuccessfully to get the Lambs to take a rest time in the hotel room while they were gone.
We met with a pastor in this area for prayers.
Then we took the Lambs to a park with a nice playground to play.
We ate an early supper at a nice Indian restaurant. Lamb 3 had 4 helpings of rice and dal. Lamb 1 ate well too. Lamb 2 was too tired (because he didn't have a rest time) to eat very much.
Ram's parents were impressed with Ram's doctors here. Ram's dad will take him to the hospital early in the morning. The surgery will be tomorrow.
I am thankful for Ram's parents being here to help me with both Ram as he recovers and with the Lambs.
The doctor did suggest that after Ram is released from the hospital that he stays in the area a few more days before going all the way home just in case of complications. We hadn't thought of this so we are now trying to figure out a plan to do this so Ram could rest those few extra days without the Lambs bothering him.
First we need to get through the surgery. The surgery will tell us a lot about what to expect about his recovery. Then we'll have a few days to make decisions and plan for his recovery time.
We're trying to get to bed early tonight as tomorrow will be a long day for all of us. Thank you for your prayers and concern.


Glenda said...

If our house can be of any service to you - please don't hesitate to call. We have room for the lambs to run and play.

Darin said...

You all are in my prayers! You might want to check with Concordia Plan Services. I think there is a travel companion portion to the health benefits, so that might help you out. I can't remember for sure. Give them a call @ 888-wbp-plan and they should be able to give you the necessary information.

Karen said...

Prayers ascending!