Saturday, October 9, 2010

Home after a little set back

Wednesday night we had several phone calls in the middle of the night from the doctor which I will blog about later. The short version is Ram was put in ICU for a few days because of loss of blood. He was given several blood transfusions and he went back to a regular room on Friday afternoon.
I had planned to visit Ram on Thursday morning and go home. I didn't want to go home until he was released from ICU. I am now thankful that car problems caused me to stay on Wednesday so I was there to receive the phone calls Wednesday night and not at home feeling bad that I wasn't near the hospital.
So we visited Ram on Friday morning and came home on Friday. I took it slow with the Lambs and we got home about 9pm. I hadn't checked e-mail all week and had some phone messages too. Some people that expected me to be home already were a little upset that I wasn't answering the phone. I'm sure when I explain what happened they will understand.
Everything was going so well until Wednesday about 8pm. From 8pm Wednesday until now is a big blur to me. I'm going to bed now at 1am. Tomorrow morning I'm hoping we make it to our local early childhood event that the Lambs are looking forward to.
My dad made it safely to our house and has his sermon prepared for Sunday.
Please keep my sister, Hannah, in your prayers. She flies to South Korea Saturday night/Sunday morning. She is going there to teach English for one year. She is really looking forward to this new experience. Please pray for a safe flight and that she is able to manage her luggage and get to her destination safely.
The good news is that Ram looks a lot better and feels a lot better too. It is clear this is going to be a long, slow recovery, but we are so thankful that it was benign. We are also thankful for the excellent doctors at Mayo.
I will try to blog tomorrow and also send out a mass e-mail to our friends and family, but we'll see how tomorrow goes. I'm trying to catch up here after being gone for a week, trying to catch up on sleep (especially that which was lost on Wednesday night), trying to make phone calls that were too difficult while I was alone watching the Lambs, and trying to be a good single parent especially by taking them to this early childhood event tomorrow. A friend reminded me to take care of myself through all this and I'm trying to follow that advice.
Ram's parents are still there and plan to stay next week too. Ram will probably be in the hospital until Tuesday and come home on Saturday. I will blog more about that later too.


Elephantschild said...

Your responsibilities are your own health, and your kids right now... let **everything** else slide! Don't do anything you don't absolutely HAVE to or anything that wears you out. You've been thru a lot of stress and are probably even more tired than you realise.

So very glad you have someone staying with you. That's a comfort. I'm not sure we'd have someone able to come to help if we faced similar health challenges. :(


Joelle said...

Glad that B is feeling better. Praying for continued healing. I agree with Elephantschild - let everything else go! It is okay to take a break from things during a time like this.

I often will look back after an event that upset me at the time and realize how God was taking care of me/providing what I needed. I am always so grateful that God knows what is best for me. Wish I wouldn't get upset in the moment like I so often do.

Very exciting about your sister. I'll try to remember to say a prayer for her tonight. I hope she has a great flight and a wonderful year in Korea!