Sunday, October 17, 2010

Preschool screening part 2

I don't remember as much paperwork when Lamb 1 went to his preschool screening as I had to do for Lamb 2. Lamb 2 received a whole pile of papers to fill out and bring completed to the screening. I was surprised by the variety of questions. Many questions specifically asking about what race he was. What kinds of services we use like WIC. Questions and concerns we had about his physical skills. Lots of questions about his eating habits including what food groups are in his normal diet. Lots of questions about the home and if it is safe for the child. Questions about his learning. Questions about his hearing. Who do we want to get results of the preschool screening? Do we give permission for them to screen?
When we arrived at the screening for Lamb 2, there was another packet of papers to complete. It was mainly questions about his social skills. He received a perfect score on this based on my answers.
I know that the paperwork said that I did not have to answer all questions in the paperwork. I thought that a lot of the questions had nothing to do with the school's responsibility-they were the parent's responsibility. For example: It is my responsibility to feed my child healthy foods, not the school's responsibility.
It is a state law that all children must go to a preschool screening before they can attend kindergarten. You are probably wondering why I even took our Lambs to the preschool screening when we homeschool. I wanted both Lambs to have their speech evaluated. I'll discuss Lamb 2's speech in the next post. We'll have to see if we have any concerns about Lamb 3 either speech or another area before we make a decision about taking him to the preschool screening when he is 3 or 4 years old.

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