Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Unexpected part of homeschooling

At bedtime after we say prayers with the Lambs, we play either an audio story CD or classical music. Whichever Lamb took a nap usually listens to the whole CD before they fall asleep. The other Lambs that didn't take a nap usually fall asleep during the story or music.
Last night was a music night. I've been playing short CDs of my choice of a different composer each night. Last night I chose Beethoven. After I started the music, Lamb 2 asked if we could play Bach instead of Beethoven. He had a major tantrum because he "loves Bach" and "only wants to listen to Bach on music nights". I eventually calmed him down enough to listen to Beethoven but he made it clear that he still prefers Bach.
Before we started homeschooling I never would have guessed that my 4 year old would have a tantrum because he couldn't listen to his favorite composer. Nor would I guess that he would know who Bach was and which music he preferred. Some times it makes me regret what we have done in homeschooling and other times it makes me proud of what they have learned by age 2, 4, and 6. And by the way, Lamb 2 can say Bach very clearly, no speech problem with the word Bach!


Sue said...

You are definitely doing something right! Temper tantrum for Bach - that's wonderful!

Karen said...

I love hearing stories like this! It's a good reminder that homeschooling brings unexpected benefits. Thanks for sharing!

Darin said...

Spoken like a TRUE Lutheran about a TRUE Lutheran