Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Ram came home today. My dad met his parents at about the halfway point and they handed Ram off to my dad. They arrived home in time to eat supper with us. Ram is moving really slow and taking his pain medication as prescribed. I'll set my alarm to get up and give him medicine every 4-6 hours. His parents were tired after a few nights of this. I know he'll gradually improve. It's amazing how well he is doing only one week after surgery.

Today is Ram's mom's birthday. Happy Birthday Ram's mom! We gave her a card from us, but she'll have to wait until she gets home to open up her presents that are waiting at the post office!

My sister made it to South Korea with all her luggage. She has already been blessed with some unexpected things. She is currently in a hotel until the teacher she is replacing leaves. That teacher was able to stay to help her the first week. She is at an elite elementary school and highly respected as the only native English speaker on staff. She is having all kinds of new experiences. It will be fun to hear of her adventures this year.

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Dakotapam said...

So glad Ram is home and doing well. You are all in my prayers.