Thursday, November 25, 2010

Anniversaries Today

37 years-My baptism anniversary is today. I praise God that I became His child today! I was baptized on Thanksgiving Day, but my baptism anniversary day is not on Thanksgiving Day every year. Happy Baptism Anniversary to Ewe!

7 1/2 years-Ram's ordination and installation into the Holy Ministry. It is hard to believe that he has been a pastor and we have lived in this parsonage for 7 1/2 years. Happy Ordination Anniversary to Ram!

4 1/2 years-Lamb 2 has been telling everyone for weeks now that he is going to be 4 1/2 on Thanksgiving Day. He has a difficult time because he will never catch up to Lamb 1 in age. When my friend met Lamb 2 for the first time she said, "Lamb 2 sure is cute, but I can tell he is a real stinker at times too." That statement really does sum up Lamb 2 well. He loves to sing and the misbehavior that usually gets him in trouble the most is singing/talking loudly at inappropriate times (during meals, at church). As much as it is annoying to constantly have Lamb 2 singing, it is a joy to hear happy, singing, Lamb 2. Happy half birthday, Lamb 2!

Lamb 2 with the first fish he caught.
Happy Thanksgiving!

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Sue said...

Happy anniversary to all of you. Happy Thanksgiving! When I count my blessings, your blog is one of them.