Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Back to Work

On Monday, we went shopping. It was Ram's last day of full disability. I did very little shopping while Ram was on disability. It is nice to have a stocked pantry before winter. The Lambs and Ram enjoyed our first family day out of the house since Ram's surgery. We ate out twice. I drove more than I usually do on family trips. I had to load the car because Ram is not allowed to lift more than 10 lbs. It was a lot of work to do everything all day-he couldn't even lift Lamb 3 into his car seat. We got home late and then I had to unload the car-first the Lambs that were all asleep, then the groceries. The big grocery that we shop at had some incredible deals-including turkey for 37 cents/lb and free celery and carrots. The pantry is stocked so well that it was difficult to choose what to make for supper. That's a good thing after weeks of I can't make this because I'm missing _______ or I can't make this because I'm missing ________. If you don't live in a rural area, you wouldn't understand that frustration.
Tuesday, I was exhausted and tried to sleep in. Even though they were in bed way past their bedtime, the Lambs were wide awake before 8am. When I finally got out of bed, it had snowed both inside and outside. Outside was just a dusting, but the first snow we had. We didn't get any snow over the weekend. Inside, the Lambs had covered the living room with sheets of white paper. Before we had school they had to "shovel" the living room.
Ram went back to work part time on Tuesday. He's still being careful to not overdo it. That means that I'm still on full cooking and cleaning duty. For supper I made hummus and cut up veggies to tide them over because the soup took so long. I made borscht. Yummy!
While my dad was here he put together one more bookshelf for us. Tuesday night I spent trying to shift our library so that more of the books will fit on the shelves. One more shelf will not be enough to get everything on the shelf. Sigh. Such is life when 2 bibliophiles get married. I shifted about 1/2 of our library and hopefully I can finish this week in the evenings after the Lambs go to bed.
Tuesday night I also organized our CPH Bible story posters. Lamb 1 noticed right away that the set of posters that I just began with the Lambs had a lot of repeat stories. Repetition is good, but we just did many of the stories a few months ago. I hope that the new way I organized them will solve that problem.
Lamb 1 began Saxon Math 2 on Tuesday. He completed side one of the first worksheet before I even knew he had opened the book. I think we will both be much happier with Saxon, especially if he can do more independently. I was hoping it would be challenging for him, but so far we have the same problem as before that it is too easy. We'll see as we continue to work through Math 2.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Ewe :) -
As a former teacher this may horrify you, but we also use Saxon (have 1 in 6/5, 1 in 3 and my 2 kindergarteners are in 1). The first 40 lessons or so seem to be mainly refresher lessons of things already learned, so if he already knows the materials I would say feel free to skip! I often do 2 lessons in a day so that the kids do 8 lessons/week (we do 4 days "school" year round per week). Just an idea if it is too easy for him. You can also have him just do the Assessments and if he gets all the answers right, skip those lessons until you are at the point where he is learning new material. Just a few ideas! Blessings, Kathy (who loves Saxon math, but modifies it according to our learning needs)