Friday, November 26, 2010

A HUGE Unexpected Blessing

We received the bill from Mayo for Ram's surgery a few days ago. The total bill for doctor and hospital was over $66,000. We were expecting to be billed 20% of that. Ram opened the mail and handed it to me. It was UNBELIEVABLE, our portion after insurance was just $50! I'm sure there will be other bills and this bill from Mayo is not the end, but we were expecting a much larger bill for major surgery. The $50 was the copayments for two doctor visits! Lamb 2 needed a small filling the week before Ram's surgery and our bill for that was double what Ram's major surgery was. I have several stories of how God has truly worked out ALL the details before and after Ram's surgery, but this one is the best! Thank you, Jesus!

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Sue said...

That is so wonderful!