Tuesday, November 30, 2010


First, I'm sorry for the lack of blogging recently. We have had internet connection problems recently. Ram's dad gave us a new to us router that could be causing some of the problems. We have had internet sometimes and sometimes not for the past few days. I had other things to do on the computer when I had a connection so blogging didn't happen. I may not blog very much while we figure this out. Hopefully we'll figure it out soon.
On Sunday, someone commented to me that I needed to "hang in there"- that our family would be going home soon. Yes, my dad was here for over a month and my mom was here with him for over a week. Then we had a week break before Ram's parents came for about a week. Yes, I did more cooking and while my parents were here more laundry. Yes, I cleaned the house a little more before Ram's parents came. I found that comment on Sunday as odd. We love having both sides of our family visit. We live so far from our family that their visits are never long enough. The boys love having grandparents to play with them and read to them. I love having grandparents here to entertain the boys so I can cook without interruptions. My dad is a handyman when he visits-doing the tasks around the house that Ram doesn't have time to do. Ram's dad usually cleans up and organizes files on our computer when he visits. Ram's mom talks to me and gives me ideas to make me a better mom/homeschooler/housekeeper from her experiences raising 3 boys. My mom usually bakes treats when she visits. That comment on Sunday made me count another blessing-that we get along with both sides of our family and my sister. We like having all of them visit. Unfortunately, that is getting to be very rare in society today.
Maybe it also has something to do that our family is only Ram's one Grandma, both sets of parents, and my one sister. We remember our loved ones in heaven while counting our blessings of those that are still here with us.

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