Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thankful for...

Ram is one of two pastors in our district that has a tri-parish. He gets a paycheck twice a month from each church. (6 paychecks a month) While Ram was recovering the churches were generous enough to continue to pay him full salary until we found out if he would be approved for disability. (He was so his future paychecks will be adjusted for this.) I took his paychecks to the bank. Ram usually does the banking. The occasional times that I do the banking, I usually go to drive up. The drive up is being repaired and for about a month it is closed. So while Ram was recovering, I had many contacts with the tellers that I usually do not have.
One day a teller commented that she was glad that she wasn't a pastor because she wouldn't want to do paperwork for 3 paychecks. I could have easily commented that was only the beginning because we have the paperwork for taxes for 3 churches too, but I took another direction with the conversation. She wasn't aware that Ram had surgery. So I talked about how thankful we were that he had a job with health insurance during this time. I talked about how thankful we were to have members from 3 different churches praying for us, dropping off meals, and whatever they could do to help us at the time.
I'm sure that the teller had no idea when she made that "small talk" comment what she was saying to me. Sometimes scheduling is difficult with a tri-parish. Sometimes Ram is exhausted after 3 services 42 miles round trip on Sunday morning. Sometimes I get tired of the paperwork for taxes for a tri-parish. The bank teller's comment was a good reminder to me of how blessed we are.

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Sue said...

And you never know when you have an opportunity to witness and count your blessings with a stranger, do you? Bless you!