Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Prayer Request-UPDATED

My friend Gina, her son, John, received word that the organs he needs are waiting for him for his transplant. She blogged about the transplant here a few weeks ago. The surgery will be tomorrow. Thank you, Jesus, for providing the organs a few weeks after he was listed as needing a transplant.
Please pray for:
*Mark and Gina to have strength to be good parents through all this. I'm sure during recovery Mark and Gina will be separated while Gina stays at the hospital and Mark goes back home. Especially pray for Mark and Gina during the long waiting time of 5+ hours of surgery.
*John to be strong.
*The doctors and nurses to do their job well-both at the surgery and as they care for John after the surgery.
*The transplant to be successful.
*Their dog to be cared for while they are at the hospital.
*The family that was so generous to give the organs from their child at their time of grief.
*That ALL the details are worked out for them at both the hospital and at home during this time of surgery and recovery.
*That the financial details are worked out too.
*That they have spiritual care from a pastor near the hospital.
*Their church members while their pastor, Mark, is at the hospital.
*Mark as he travels back and forth from the hospital to home. Good weather for Mark to travel.
*Their house and car to be safe and work properly while they are at the hospital.
*Mark and Gina to remain healthy while they take care of John while he recovers.
*Swift recovery and few complications during John's recovery.

After Ram's surgery I have a better understanding of surgery since I never had surgery before. I still can't even imagine what Mark and Gina are going through during this. Please join me in praying for them.

11/12/10 8AM UPDATE: I should have posted this sooner, but it was a crazy day for them yesterday. They traveled to the hospital on Wednesday and the surgery was scheduled for Thursday. The organs were too damaged to use. John was released from the hospital. They wait for God's perfect timing.
After he was released from the hospital, the hospital called that John had an infection. They had the choice of going back to that hospital or going to their hospital closer to home. They know the staff and doctors at the hospital closer to home so they chose to go there. I don't do Facebook so I don't have a more up to date update, but the last I heard they were traveling to that hospital closer to home and they expect John to be in the hospital for at least 4 days.
They did a lot of traveling the last few days. They have had a lot of emotions getting ready for the surgery and then not having the surgery and then he is sick. They have to wait longer for the transplant. Please continue to keep them in your prayers.

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