Friday, November 5, 2010

Fall Vacation Day 9-September 13-Part 1

Our last day in Fort Wayne was a fun day. First my dad and I took the Lambs to the Fort Wayne Zoo. Here are some of the photos from the day.
I have photos in this jeep when I was little and went to the Fort Wayne zoo. They were too expensive to maintain so our Lambs never got to ride in them. They sure have fun pretending to drive them. Everyone needed a turn to pretend to drive so Grandpa got a good break on the bench.
I also took a lot of photos at the drinking fountain shaped like a lion because I drank out of that fountain when I was little, but the photos of the Lambs didn't turn out very well.

Lamb 2

My 3 joeys
I wonder how many children have had their photo taken in this kangaroo pouch?

Lamb 3

This photo was a big deal because it is the first time Lamb 1 was brave enough to pet/brush/get this close to a goat.

The Lambs were anxious to ride the carousel so this was the best photo I could get. Children below the yellow line in height are free. I'm pretty sure that Lamb 1 was short enough to ride the carousel free the last time we went to the zoo, 2 years ago. This will probably be the last time that Lamb 2 is short enough to be free.

While I was on the carousel the lens protector fell off my camera and I chased it while the carousel was going. I didn't have time to examine my camera at the zoo with 3 active Lambs. I was worried about it until I had time to look that it was just the lens protector, not the lens. That's the problem with taking a nice camera to some place like the zoo.

After a fun day at the zoo then my mom, sister, and I took the Lambs to a local splash pad. Lamb 1 and 2 had a great time. Lamb 3 was more interested in the playground than the splash pad. That was ok because we had enough adults to watch all the Lambs. I was exhausted after all we did that day.

More photos of my family and the final days of our vacation to come next week.

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