Saturday, November 13, 2010

Week 6 School Report

We accomplished a lot this week. Ewe's parents were both here this whole week. Here's what we accomplished this week:
Bible: Memorized Isaiah 43:1 and began learning 2 Timothy 4:18. Did the Bible stories-Mary visits Elizabeth, Birth of John, Birth of Jesus, and Presentation of Jesus. We reviewed the commandments on the Sing the Faith CD.
Latin: Reviewed in Prima Latina-still not ready to add Latin back in after Ram's surgery.
Reading: We finished reading a Mother Goose book. I chose this book for Lamb 3, but it was a good review for Lamb 1 and 2. We read some classic books-Billy and Blaze, Blaze finds the Trail, Five Chinese Brothers, Why Mosquitoes Buzz in People's Ears, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. I'm trying to rotate the books we own as we have never read many of them together. I'm going to have to get more Billy and Blaze books because the Lambs loved them.
Handwriting: Lamb 1 finished his Kumon Uppercase Letters book. It was a good review for him and we tried to correct some of his bad habits. Then he began a "Get ready for school" workbook. Some of it is too easy for him, but I'm having him use his best handwriting and read the directions himself. It starts basic-write your name, address, phone number and he also read and talked about his daily schedule-his is a little different from a school setting.
Lamb 2 and 3 both are working on their own Kumon coloring books. Lamb 3 was thrilled to join in during school time with his own book.
Science: We don't have TV so we couldn't watch Great Migrations, but I'm hoping that we can get the DVDs eventually. My dad let them have a map that was in his National Geographic. Lamb 1 and I read about the animals migration patterns. We also did a lot of geography talking about the world map.
We finished reading/putting stickers in our Jungle World sticker book. They now recognize a lot more animals from this. Lamb 3 loved to be included in this. I wouldn't have even thought of giving a sticker book like this to the other Lambs when they were 2. Lamb 3 was very good at matching up where the stickers went.
Music: We read/sang/listened to the CD of the book Old Black Fly. My students in the classroom loved this book and so did the Lambs. We sang a lot of fun movement songs together too.
Art: Lamb 1 is working on his Kumon drawing book again after a long break. All 3 Lambs did a lot of play doh with Grandma this week. Lamb 1 and 2 did painting with Grandma. Lamb 3 loved play doh!
Math: Lamb 1 finished Alpha MUS this week. We will begin Saxon Math next week. He did a lot of telling time this week-which was way too easy for him because he knows how to tell time.
Lamb 2 worked on his Kumon numbers book some more this week. He is really improving on writing his numbers.
Both Lambs worked on their dot to dot books.
Other: We did a big variety of activities this week while Grandma and Grandpa were here. We delivered pumpkin pies (I made them) to the nursing home and ate pie there. They organized their crayons so that they each have their own crayon box. This has been a big help both that they each have their own box and they aren't all over MY desk. I organized their books in the baby cradle as it was overflowing again. We colored/wrote some thank you notes. We took photos outside on the nice days-wearing some clothes that belonged to Ram and his brothers when they were children. On the nice days the Lambs played outside a lot. I moved a sewing table into the living room to use as a desk. That prompted the Lambs to move one of their little tables into the basement and set up their own office. I may try to move more of their "paper clutter" to their office in the basement. We did lots of cleaning up the living room and basement. We cleaned out one toybox and got rid of about 1/2 of the box. Now that they have picked 1/2 to give away, I plan to look through that toybox and get rid of 1/4 more when they aren't helping me. Veteran's Day meant double stamps at our bank for their savings accounts, so we made deposits. Lamb 2 had plenty of stamps so he chose 2 medium sized cars. All 3 Lambs have enjoyed playing with Lamb 2's prize. We made homemade pizza one night. They put on their aprons and chef hats and all 3 put the toppings on part of the pizza. Lamb 3 was thrilled to help make the pizza. Lamb 1 helped Grandma make cornbread and Lamb 2 helped me make chili one night. One day they built a small town in the living room-with their few Fisher Price buildings and other blocks-then got out their cars and Fisher Price people. My dad put together another bookcase for us. I'm going to try to organize our library some more after they go home. It was a fun week with my parents here. If the weather is ok, they plan to go home on Monday and Ram plans to go back to work part time on Tuesday. We will have about a week of a "normal" routine before Ram's parents come for Thanksgiving.

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