Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Week 4 School Report

We are still doing light school weeks while Ram is recovering. Here's what we accomplished last week-
Bible: Memorized Ephesians 1:7 and the first verse to A Mighty Fortress. The Lambs sang the first verse well and loudly in church on Sunday. Did the Bible story of the Ten Commandments. Talked about Reformation Day and All Saints Day but didn't study them like I wanted to. Maybe next year.
Reading: We finished reading all the Enid Blyton books we own.
Handwriting: Lamb 1 worked on writing his uppercase letters. Lamb 2 worked on writing his numbers.
Science: We read the current issue of National Geographic Kids and also worked on a jungle sticker book (read and put stickers in the correct places).
Music: Listened to Bach which pleased Lamb 2. Listened to Mozart.
Math: Lamb 1 finished lesson 28 in MUS and began lesson 29. We are almost done with Alpha MUS!
Lamb 2 did some dot to dot and some of his numbers book. The Kumon numbers book has him writing the numbers 1-10. This is very difficult for him but we have seen progress as he works a little each day.
Other: We had a busy week! We made cut out cookies for fall (pumpkins, leaves, apples) and frosted and decorated them with sprinkles. Lamb 3 was so excited to participate in this. Carved pumpkins, decorated more pumpkins with wooden pieces like Mr. Potato Head parts. Lit candles in pumpkins at night. The 3 Lambs had a little runny nose for a few days but no other symptoms of being sick. We went trick or treating twice. Once on Friday night to the stores 7 miles away. Once on Sunday night to people we know in our small town and to the nursing home for carnival games and treats.
On Saturday I took Lamb 3 to Saint Cloud to the Free Conference. The other two Lambs were babysat by Grandpa. Grandpa helped them to build a huge Thomas train track using all the track we own. I hadn't been major grocery shopping since before Ram's surgery so I went to a little of the Free Conference, ate lunch, and then did some shopping. It was nice to get away for the day and also get a lot of shopping done. Lamb 3 helped as much as a 2 1/2 year old can. He was so happy to get to go with Mama.

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Sue said...

Cookie cutters reminds me - has a Luther's Rose cookie cutter. I just bought one. It's one of those ceramic mold ones.