Friday, January 7, 2011

12 Days of Christmas for the Lambs

My parents started this tradition while I was growing up. Some years my parents were able to do more, but we usually got one practical gift (clothes or one year we all got our own bath towel) on Christmas and then small gifts in our stocking for each of the 12 days of Christmas with a big present on Epiphany (like a purse). We loved this tradition. I think my mom was still doing it for my sister last year...
Many of the things my mom put in our stocking won't work for our boys. I think my mom had it easy to have two girls. Lamb 1 has caps on his teeth so gum is out. Obviously hair bows and trinkets like that are out. We try to limit candy since they have had plenty since Halloween.
I tried doing this for the Lambs a few years ago and they were too young to really get it. This year was the first year that we did it for all 12 days. Lamb 3 was a little young for some of the days that we gave, but we gave him the same thing as his brothers. See yesterday's post if you want to know why my counting of the 12 days of Christmas is a day off. Here's what we came up with this year:
Christmas-Lamb 1 and 2 received some construction equipment people and signs-about as close to a "dollhouse" as you can get for boys-thanks Ram's parents!
Lamb 3 received some plastic bugs. He calls all bugs "bees" so we're working on saying the correct names.
Ram received a Linus mug.
Ewe received some wall hangings that were Pooh quotes.
Day 1- Lambs each received their own box of crayons.
Day 2-Lambs each received their own box of coconut water-Ewe's mom got them started on this treat.
Day 3- Lambs each received their own roll of Scotch tape-some Lambs have "needed" it so much that their roll is almost gone.
Day 4- A coupon that each person was allowed to get their own drink at the coffee shop when we went to the town 3 hours away for Ram and Ewe's anniversary. The Lambs were thrilled to each get their own iced tea. Ram and Ewe decided their coupons had no limit so Ewe had a few mochas that day.
Day 5-Each Lamb got their own new toothpaste. Ram's mom had given them toothpaste with Christmas symbols on the outside. Lamb 3 got mint real toothpaste, not toddler toothpaste. Lamb 3 can't stand it . He goes in the bathroom and says "I not like this" when it is time to brush teeth. Lamb 1 and 2 like theirs but it makes a mess on the counter. Now I know why we usually buy plain toothpaste.
Day 6- Each Lamb got their own glue stick.
Day 7-Everyone got their own biscotti. We used to buy biscotti as treats when we went to Costco, but we stopped when we had problems with the Lambs hoarding them and I would find half eaten ones hidden in the living room. After many months of no biscotti this was a big treat.
Day 8-Reeses peanut butter trees for everyone.
Day 9-Coupon that the Lambs could play play doh. I hate the mess and how some Lambs want to do it for hours and some for minutes so we haven't done play doh for a while. While they liked playing play doh, I don't think the Lambs liked this was their stocking present. Lamb 1 couldn't read all the words on the coupon by himself so he had to wait for a parent to get up and read it to him. Plus it wasn't something to eat or use right away.
Day 10-New chapstick for all the Lambs-just in time for chapped lips season.
Day 11-New toothbrushes for all the Lambs-Pooh for Lamb 1, Tigger for Lamb 2 and 3.
Epiphany-Lamb 1 and 2 each got a new Lego set. Lamb 3 got a wolf to add to the plastic animal collection.
I'll try to post photos of the Epiphany presents soon.

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Helpful Teacher said...

I love saving gifts for Epiphany, too. It's a great way to hang on to Christmas.

Sounds like you had fun!