Thursday, January 20, 2011

Joint North Theological Conference

I was not able to attend the conference because I had to watch the Lambs, but I did go and hear brief portions from the back of the room and I also attended the banquet. MN N District and North Dakota District held this theological conference together in Fargo, ND on January 13-14, 2011. Pastor Scheer had a great summary of the conference here. I did want to add a couple of comments to his report.
Pastor Scheer talks about how Rev. Harrison laid on the table to depict Lazarus and used it to illustrate a point. Rev. Harrison did this exact same depiction in a regular Sunday morning Bible class when I was teaching at Zion, Fort Wayne. In fact, I think he did it a couple of times while I was teaching there during different Bible classes. This shows me that Rev. Harrison is still doing what he loves to do, teach and preach, even though now his membership list includes all LCMS members.
Rev. Harrison was kind enough to talk to my family (including the Lambs) during the break before the Thursday evening banquet. Lamb 2 told him that we had a good time at his "party" in September. Rev. Harrison said that he had a good time too. I know that I taught at the school that he was a pastor at so I knew him, but it means a lot to me that he took the time to talk to the Lambs too. Lamb 1 was very uncooperative, but he spoke to Lamb 2 for a little while and as much as you can talk to a 2 year old to talk to Lamb 3. We took a few photos which I hope to post soon and then he took our photo to show to his family. 
I was not able to attend the conference, but from what Ram has said, they "worked" and were serious during the conference, but then there was also a time for fun at the banquet. The conference was only Thursday afternoon and Friday morning. Rev. Harrison spoke about Witness and Mercy on Thursday and Life Together on Friday. Friday morning there was a long question and answer session.
I feel blessed that Rev. Harrison took time to come to Fargo, which is a short drive for us. I know it is worse for those who live on the coasts, but sometimes we feel forgotten up here where it is more than a day driving distance to either Fort Wayne or Saint Louis (well, without the Lambs it might be possible to go in a day, but that would be a really long day). The weather was terrible and some didn't make it on time because of the weather and some got stuck at a hotel for another night. It means a lot to me that laity were also invited to this conference too. There were several laity there.
The two days were not nearly enough time to catch up visiting with our friends from the two districts. The two days were fun. Please check out when Rev. Harrison is coming to your area of the country and make sure to attend.
Please keep Rev. Harrison and his family and his staff in your prayers. I'm sure the devil did not like almost 300 of us having a grand time singing A Mighty Fortress together on Thursday evening.

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