Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Eleventh Day of Christmas

If you have not read my post on the ninth day of Christmas, please read that first.

How Well do you know the Biblical Christmas Story? ANSWERS

1 Genesis 3:15 4,000 BC First Promise of a Savior

2 Isaiah 7:14 725 BC Promise of a virgin birth
3 Jeremiah 31:15 586 BC Rachel wept over deportation

This chart assumes that Herod died in 4 BC. Some historians suggest that Herod may have lived until 1 BC. See First Christmas by Paul Maier, Harper & Row, 1971.
Jesus may have been born as early as 7 BC in which case the dates on this chart would be advanced by two years.
4 Luke 1:5-23 6 BC John's birth announcement
5 Luke 1:26-38 6 BC Jesus' birth announcement
6 Matthew 1:21 6 BC Jesus named
7 6 BC Mary tells Joseph that she is pregnant
8 Matthew 1:20 6 BC An angel came to Joseph in a dream a first time
9 Luke 1:31 6 BC Jesus named
10 Luke 1:39-45 6 BC Mary's visit to Elizabeth
11 Luke 1:57-66 5 BC John born
12 Luke 2:4 5 BC Trip from Nazareth
13 Luke 2:7 5 BC Jesus born
14 Luke 2:9 5 BC Angel comes to shepherds
15 Luke 2:13 5 BC Angels sing
16 Luke 2:16 5 BC Shepherds came to manger
17 Luke 2:21 8 days after birth Jesus circumcised
18 Luke 2:22 40 days after birth Jesus is presented at Temple
19 Luke 2:22 40 days after birth Mary purified
20 Luke 2:25-38 40 days after birth Simeon & Anna meet Jesus
21 Matthew 2:7, 16 between 40 days & 15 months after birth Magi came to Jerusalem
22 Matthew 2:9 same or next day Magi came to Bethlehem
23 Matthew 2:12 same day Magi left Bethlehem
24 Matthew 2:13 next night An angel came to Joseph in a dream a second time
25 Matthew 2:14 same night Trip to Egypt
26 Matthew 2:15 same Reenactment of Israel's call out of Egypt
27 Matthew 2:16 next morning Herod sends troops to kill babies
28 Matthew 2:18 same day Rachel wept over Holy Innocents
29 4 BC Death of Herod
30 Matthew 2:19 4 BC An angel came to Joseph in a dream a third time
31 Matthew 2:22 soon after Joseph dreamed for the fourth time
32 Matthew 2:23 soon after Trip to Nazareth

Thank you to Joelle and any others that did these Christmas quizzes on my blog!

Our Christmas Ornaments part 11
I'm sure my high school and college friends and my family are surprised that I haven't featured any penguins in my ornaments yet. When I was two years old, my dad's vicarage was in Brookings, SD. When my mom heard that was where they were going she joked that it was so cold that they were going to where penguins lived. The congregation had a great time with that joke. One of the big snowfalls a member painted gourds like penguins and set them on the sidewalk next to my parent's apartment. Many gifts for me from the church members were stuffed penguins and toys that were penguins. That joke stuck and penguins became my favorite stuffed animals. It was the most crazy in high school where many of my clothes had penguins on them, I had a penguin shower curtain, and on band tour we went to a store that sold nothing but penguin merchandise. These ornaments are a small sample of the penguin ornaments I have. When I was in middle school I had a small Christmas tree with only penguins on it. After college I moved on from penguins and started collecting Pooh stuff.

The first ornament in the back row is from my college roommate, Stacy. The last two in the back row were from my Sunday School teacher maybe about 4th grade. The front row was from Avon. My mom sold Avon so I was happy when these came out in the book. I don't know where the other ones came from, but I've had them nearly as long as the penguins from Avon, so since grade school.

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