Monday, January 3, 2011

Ninth Day of Christmas

If you have not read my post on the first day of Christmas, please read that first.

How well do you know the Biblical Christmas Story?

My dad just created this part of the Christmas quiz and suggested that I put it on the blog. It is more difficult so I will wait until the eleventh day of Christmas to give the answers. The references are from the entire Bible, not just the Christmas story of my other Christmas quiz posts.

Put the following events in order and specify the time each event occurred:

a. Magi came to Bethlehem
b. Jesus circumcised
c. Angels sing
d. Death of Herod
e. Angel came to Joseph second time
f. Jesus is presented at Temple
g. Shepherds came to manger
h. Simeon & Anna meet Jesus
i. Rachel wept over Holy Innocents
j. Promise of virgin birth
k. Magi left Bethlehem
l. First Promise of a Savior
m. Jesus born
n. Rachel wept over deportation
o. Angel came to Joseph first time
p. Magi came to Jerusalem
q. Jesus named [twice]
r. Herod sends troops to kill babies
s. Trip to Nazareth
t. Reenactment of Israel’s call out of Egypt
u. Mary purified
v. Angel comes to shepherds
w. Trip from Nazareth
x. Trip to Egypt
y. John born
z. Mary tells Joseph that she is pregnant
aa. Jesus’ birth announcement
bb. John’s birth announcement
cc. Mary’s visit to Elizabeth
dd. Angel came to Joseph in a dream a third time
ee. Joseph dreamed for a fourth time

Our Christmas ornaments part 9
Top row is for Ewe: First ornament is from the Lincoln Museum to represent both Ewe's birth place and her home town. Can you guess the two towns? Big hint: Ewe's dad is a pastor. Answer will be given tomorrow. Second ornament is from Ewe's high school, CLHS. Third is from Ewe's college, CUW.
Bottom row is for Ram: First ornament represents near his home town in ID. Second ornament represents his college, Utah State. Third ornament represents Concordia Theological Seminary. Last ornament represents his vicarage near New Orleans, LA.

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