Sunday, January 2, 2011

Eighth Day of Christmas

If you have not read my post on the First Day of Christmas, please read that first.

Christmas Quiz part 4 ANSWERS: How well do you know the Biblical Christmas story?

Where are you, a Gentile, explicitly mentioned in the Christmas story?

Luke 2:10 (Angel to Shepherds) & Luke 2:31-32 (Simeon's song)

Our Christmas Ornaments part 8

Today's ornaments are featured for Helpful Teacher as she liked the idea of Christmas ornaments that tie in with Easter. I made the two on the left when I was in college. One art course was required and it was probably my most difficult course in college! It wasn't my worst grade in college because I worked very hard. I can not draw, but I can do things that are crafty. Our class was in charge of decorating a Christmas tree in the community, I can't remember if it was for a charity or what. So I made several of these eggs for that and I kept a few for myself. Some were just painted with decorations glued on. Others took much longer but looked prettier-glue small pieces of fabric all over the blown out egg. My grandma made the eggs at Easter time so I took the idea for the Christmas tree. We also folded Christmas wrapping paper like a fan and tied it with a pipe cleaner for a butterfly with antenna. The butterflies just sat on the branches, we didn't hang them. Others in the class made other ornaments, but the butterflies and eggs made out of red and green were the theme of the tree. The eggs would be pretty difficult for your children at their ages yet, Helpful Teacher, but they could make the butterflies.
The last egg in the picture was one that Ram got in England. It is not meant to be a Christmas ornament, but I like to hang it on the tree. Ram did not get very many souvenirs when he was in England (besides BOOKS), so I like that we have something to hang on the tree from his time there. We have all these egg ornaments packed up because they are all too breakable for the Lambs now.

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