Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy Epiphany Day!

I was off a day in my days of Christmas on my blog. I thought that December 25 was Christmas and then we started counting first day of (after) Christmas on Dec. 26. I thought this because I know of a church that has a Twelfth Night party on Epiphany, so I thought Epiphany was the twelfth day. Many of my friends blogged by counting correctly and I still thought I was right. Then I paid attention to the counting in our devotion book and I realized that I was wrong. I counted incorrectly when I was teaching too. Next year I'll try to count correctly but after years of the wrong way, it will be difficult for me. Either way, the Lambs will still get stocking gifts for 12 days of Christmas and a big present on Epiphany. I'll try to blog soon about what they got in their stockings this year.

Our Christmas ornaments part 12
My sister made these ornaments. She made me an ornament almost every year, but I'll spare her the embarrassment by showing all the grade school age art projects ornaments that she made. While she was underemployed the last few years she went into her own business of custom making these ornaments for friends. She started with different colors of the ones shown and then branched into making the colors of favorite sport teams, school colors and mascots and symbols, etc. Each ornament takes several hours to cross stitch and then put together-even longer if she is making a new pattern. She was so busy making these for her business that it took her a long time to give me one. I was glad when I finally received these two.

I'm glad I showed you several of our Christmas ornaments. I took photos of more, but I ran out of time to show them all. I'll have to do it next year for the 12 days of Christmas.

I wanted to post this song for all of Christmas but I was too busy doing the Christmas quizzes and showing our ornaments. My second year of teaching the teachers "performed" this song at the annual Christmas assembly. I can still hear the children laughing when our headmaster came in and lip synced his part. Good times and good memories!

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