Sunday, January 9, 2011

Busy Weekend

Friday we drove to hear the Kantorei Epiphany Vespers. The drive was terrible there, the other side of the interstate was closed where a truck was blocking the entire road. We saw several cars in the ditch. We just took it slow and were careful and we made it to Sioux Falls fine. We did some shopping before the service. I'll post more about the Kantorei later this week. Then we drove to Brookings and stayed with Looper friends. The adults stayed up way too late, but we enjoyed some time to chat. We were up fairly early and planned to drive back for a party with the area pastors. Ram called to say that we were going to be a little late and they told us the party was canceled because of sickness. It was a good thing that we called or we would have gone to their house.
So we spent a little more time in Brookings doing things we never have time to do-going to Goodwill, a used bookstore, and a consignment shop with lots of kids books and clothes. I bought several books to give my sister to have easy readers in English for her Korean students. Of course I had to keep some for myself and couldn't send them all to her because they won't all fit in the box! I bought Lamb 1 some pants as he has quickly outgrown his pants recently.
We arrived home in the afternoon and Ram found out that late service was canceled tomorrow because they are painting the inside of the church and it wasn't done as soon as they expected. We did have church and Sunday school at the country church. After church Ram was able to stay to help undecorate the church and take the tree down-normally he would have been at late service.
Tonight we took photos of the Lambs by our Christmas tree and then our reward was to go out to eat at a restaurant we like about a 1/2 hour away. It was snowing but we were careful. Even Lamb 3 said the name of the restaurant several times today. They Lambs didn't eat that well but it was free ice cream sundae night so they had that. Lamb 1 didn't even finish his sundae though. Lamb 1 and 2 both fell asleep on the way home. We had a nice coupon that was going to expire soon plus Christmas money so it wasn't too bad to go out tonight.
Tonight I worked to try to get the boxes together to send to my sister. Ram will pick up some flat rate boxes at the post office tomorrow. Then we'll have the game of "how much can I fit in one box without breaking anything?". We also need to take down our Christmas tree and write a lot of thank you notes this week.

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Joelle said...

I'm curious how much a flat rate box to Korea costs. Would you let me know? We sent a medium sized one to Taiwan shortly after Timothy was born - cost almost $50!! It was well worth it though. One item we included was a baby photo book with pictures of us inside. It really seemed like he recognized us right away when we got there 6 months later!