Monday, January 17, 2011

Full Day of School Today

After a few months break while Ram recovered, we had a full day of school today. This is what a full day of school for Lamb 1 and 2 looks like.
Morning Prayer, Memorize Psalm 121:8, Begin to memorize a new poem, Calendar, Breakfast, Get Dressed, Bible story-Resurrection of Jesus, Begin to memorize TLH 313 Oh Lord we Praise Thee, Review Commandments 1-2 (forgotten), Review Latin lesson 1-2 (good!), Review continent and ocean song, review planet song, Review math songs counting by 2's (good) and 3's (forgotten), Ewe teach MUS lesson to both Lambs (review for Lamb 1), Lamb 2 one page in MUS, Lamb 2 one dot to dot page, Lamb 1 one Saxon math lesson, also working on 1/2 of shapes, Lamb 1 spelling out of WRTR (good today), Lamb 2 one Ordinary Parent's Guide to Teaching Reading lesson, Lamb 1-3 OPGtTR lessons, Lamb 1 read one Dick and Jane story to Lamb 3.
Ram took all 3 Lambs to the bank today so they could receive triple stamps for their savings accounts because it was a holiday. Lamb 3 also had a chiropractor adjustment because he's been acting like he has an ear infection. While they were gone Ewe prepared lunch-leftovers and pineapple/cranberry/aloe vera drink. The drink did not go over well because everyone wished Ewe would have made more chamomile lemonade instead. At lunch we had our family devotions, took our vitamins and cod liver oil.
Chore time-Lamb 1 spent 1/2 hour going through his papers. He actually put quite a bit in recycling and only kept a few. He has many days ahead of him doing this chore. When he complains I threaten to just throw the whole box away and not let him go through it. Buried in the box we found two of Lamb 2's shirts and one book. It was obvious this chore needs to be done more often!
Lamb 2 and 3 did a lot of miscellaneous chores during this time-empty trash cans, put silverware away, clean up living room, etc.
The Lambs played a Bible Go Fish card game and an Animal Bingo game.
Lamb 3 took a nap. Lamb 1 and 2 watched a video about birds.
Snack time-apples and dip (almond butter, maple syrup, cinnamon)
Lamb 1 and 2 practiced cutting paper.
We read about orchestras in Those Amazing Musical Instruments and listened to some of the CD-Rom that came with the book.
Lambs played until supper time.
Supper was clam chowder-everyone liked it and ate it-even Lamb 3.
While we were cleaning up the toys in the living room Lamb 2 acted really tired. We told him he could either help clean up or lie down in bed. He picked bed. He fell asleep. A whole day of school wore him out!
I didn't read aloud as much as I planned because I didn't want Lamb 2 to miss it. I read a few books to Lamb 1 and 3. Say prayers. Brush teeth. Get ready for bed. Listen to audio Little Bear stories while going to sleep.
Ewe worked on her once a month secretary job for church. It is 9pm and I'm tired, but not as exhausted as Lamb 2 was. I had wanted to blog more about our Fargo trip, but that's not happening tonight. I'm going to try to go to bed soon too so I'm ready for another full day of school again tomorrow. We are blessed with an entire week where we (not counting Ram) don't have anything on the calendar or any where to go. After a few day trips in the last few weeks I'm looking forward to getting a lot of homeschool in this week. We did enough review today that I know what we need to go back and do over again and what we can go on to something new.


Samual said...

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Raggedy Sue said...

Wow - yesterday we had our first full day of homeschool (ever)! This is what I love about blogs. You can find people across the world who are similar to you. This conservative Lutheran mom/pastor's wife taught her Lamb almost all this subjects yesterday. (We'll do Science and Writing later on in the week.) And I was tired by 9 PM, too!

Glenda said...

So Ewe, why do you use OPGtTR if you have WRTR? I've always just used the WRTR for all of it.

Good job for a day well done -it feels nice doesn't it!