Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Family Update

I have a bunch of topics to blog about, but we've been busy and I can't blog about all of them now. Here's a little of what we have been doing recently.
*We're back to homeschooling all subjects. Last week we had school every day except Sunday. I'll have a big weekly homeschool report soon. I'm proud of the progress that Lamb 1 and 2 are making.
*I ordered some audio CDs of stories for the Lambs. They listen to these at bedtime. It doesn't seem so bad to go to bed when you get to listen to a story. We aren't far enough into technology to go beyond CDs in their room. We live too far away from the library to take advantage of that. I think this was a wise investment to get a few more CDs for our collection as they were tired of the ones we owned before. I like that they are getting a few more minutes of homeschool when they listen to these classic stories. The Lambs stay in their room for the whole CD because they don't want to miss a minute of the story while they go to the bathroom. They usually fall asleep by the end of the CD.
*Ram has a checkup at Mayo soon. Please pray for good results and a safe trip. We are praying that this is his last trip to Mayo and if he needs more tests or checkups they can be done locally. He will have a bunch of tests done and see his doctor that did the surgery.
*I got all my papers filed instead of in a big pile so I'm ready to get everything together to send to our tax lady.
*We made good headway on writing/making thank you notes last week. We still have more to do and I'm embarrassed that January is almost over and we haven't finished thank you notes for Christmas yet. The church members were very generous this year which is a good thing, but we have a ton of thank you notes to write. I'm having the Lambs write/make notes for each person that gave them a gift. Hopefully people will understand that it takes the Lambs a long time to make their notes so that is why it took so long.
*Ram took the Lambs to a library program last night about feet. They measured their feet, did an art project by tracing their foot and decorating it, ate foot long subs, and a whole bunch of other fun activities. It was wonderful for Ewe to have an evening alone to try to get things done at home.
*Ewe took the Lambs to a drop in play time at ECFE this morning. It was good to get the Lambs out to play with other kids, do art, and see the teachers. We took last semester off of ECFE. We're going to try to continue this play time in February. I had to laugh though, during play time the Lambs played together with the doll house almost the whole time-not with other toys, not with other kids.
*I've been trying a bunch of new recipes, most of them from vegetariantimes.com . Last night I made chickpea tagine with carrots, cinnamon, and cumin and at first I didn't think that Ram liked it. Tonight he said he liked it and he was full after just one bowl. Everyone ate it except for Lamb 3 so it was more of a success than I thought it was at first.
*I'm going to try to get our paperwork together for taxes and finish thank you notes and put the Christmas decorations away (they're down, but on the guest room bed) so I'm going to concentrate on that and not blog much. Hopefully I'll be back soon when my projects are done.

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Anonymous said...

I commend you on writing thank you notes for members' Christmas gifts. Our first Pastor's wife many years ago wrote thank you notes individually - ever since, a note is printed in the church bulletin thanking everyone for their generous gift. I find that to be very poor etiquette. I guess I'm just old fashioned.