Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Agnus Dei Lutheran Academy 2011-2012 Daily Schedule Part 1

The Mama asked me to list what we are doing for school and I thought I would do list it by our schedule. Feel free to leave a comment with questions if you want more explanation. It will take me a few days to post our entire day.

Ram and I spent some time planning "religion" for this year. We wanted the entire day organized of prayer and devotion time in our house. We decided to make the morning time where we work on "teaching" Bible story and memory work. Lunch time will be our family time to pray together and for the Lambs to begin learning Liturgy (Matins/Vespers/etc.). We shortened some of what we used to do at bedtime and put it at lunch time where no one is too tired to participate. I'll be honest that it is taking several days for the Lambs to adjust to this new schedule and they complain about it basically because it is not what we've done before. I'm hopeful that our new system will work after we get used to it. I'm also hopeful that this new way will work when we add in all school subjects again too. Part of the reason for this new schedule is if we get busy and miss one of the times (morning, lunch, or bedtime), they will still get two times of devotions in daily.

Lamb 1- 7.5 years old, second grade
Lamb 2- 5 years old, kindergarten
Lamb 3- 3 years old, preschool

8-8:30am Ewe read (personal time)/Lambs play

8:30-9 Invocation/Luther's Morning Prayer/Bible Verse (verse of the week from Sunday School)/Poem (Linguistic Development through Poetry Memorization by Andrew Pudewa)/Calendar (Lambs write down weather daily and holidays-family birthdays etc.)/Breakfast/Get Dressed

9-9:30 Bible Story (CPH posters)/ Hymn (practice hymn that we will be singing in church each week)/ Catechism (CPH Sing the Faith CD)/ Latin (Prima Latina and Song School Latin)/ Geography Song (Geography Songs by Larry Troxel)/ Math Song (Math U See CD, also Scholastic Tunes that Teach Multiplication Facts CD)

9:30-10 Math- Lamb 1 has about 20 lessons left to finish in Saxon Math 2, then I want him to work on his math facts for about a month, then (I'm hoping about Thanksgiving time, but we'll see) he will begin Saxon Math 3. After he finishes Saxon Math 3 we are switching but I don't know what to. I don't expect him to finish Saxon Math 3 this school year, but we will see.
Lamb 2 will continue in Math U See Alpha, hopefully finish this school year.

Lamb 3 will listen/sing with us from 8:30-9:30 and be allowed to play while Lamb 1 and 2 do math.

To be continued next time...


Kristen said...

I love "Sing the Faith!" I've used it regularly with my third and fourth graders, and have been wonderfully amazed (and pleased) with how well they've learned their catechism. To be honest, I've really learned it, too!

Melrose said...

I'm guessing the long list of things you list for a 30 min time span aren't EACH completed each morning but rather a rotation of things throughout the week for that time span??

Ewe said...

Actually Melrose, we do all those nearly every day. :) 8:30-9 doesn't usually take the whole time. 9-9:30 usually takes the whole time but not more. I do one song or lesson from each CD, not the whole CD. I do one math song from either CD, not both.
Breakfast at our house is leftovers (pancakes, waffles, oatmeal) or granola or yogurt. Lamb 1 usually serves the others and then they eat while I read the Bible story. Not the best manners to answer questions with a full mouth, but how it works at our house.
I'm serious about doing this nearly every day. When we travel (grocery store is 1 1/2 hours away) I grab the CD case and I change CDs while Ram drives.
The clue to doing this in a half hour is to be ORGANIZED. I have all the CDs for school in a small case in the order we do them. I have the teacher's manuals for these in a drawer in the order we do them. I don't give them transition time in between songs to start talking-we go directly from one to the next. If I forget one they let me know. :)
I believe this is the time to cram facts in them that they will remember for their lifetimes. By spending a few minutes on each CD daily we are accomplishing this goal. Even the 3 year old knows many Latin vocabulary words and some of his catechism.

The Mama said...

Thanks so much for doing this, Ewe!!