Thursday, September 29, 2011

Do you have a friend?

Lamb 3 is going to his kindergarten screening at the school tomorrow. He is so excited, every day this week he has asked if it is the day yet. I'm glad he's also encouraged his brothers to go to sleep early so that he can have his rest because he is going to school on Friday!
One of the questions in all the paperwork that I had to fill out in preparation for Friday asked if the child could name a friend. Because we have so few children in our church and because the Lambs rarely play with other children besides their brothers, I thought I better ask Lamb 3. His answer, "my friend is Carol". The girl in Sunday School with Lamb 3 also starts with a C so I thought he wasn't talking clearly. Then I realized that his friend is the church member/neighbor lady. Yes, Lamb 3 it is ok to have friends of all ages, even retired ones.

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