Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My microwave

A few years ago our family gave up microwave popcorn. I pulled out the air popper I took to college (boy did the RA give me a difficult time about that until I showed her popcorn makers were not on the list of unallowed appliances!) I don't think the boys ever remember making popcorn in the microwave. That air popper that I spent $3 on at the thrift shop 17 years ago is still working!
After hearing how evil microwaves are for the past few years, Ram and I talked about putting our microwave in the basement. I figured if I thought it was important enough to run downstairs to use it I would use it much less frequently than I do now. Today my microwave died and we are not going to replace it. I had planned to have a trial with the basement, but we are going cold turkey. (Pun intended!)
My parents bought this microwave when they thought theirs was dying, but it didn't die. It sat in the box until I took it to my first house in 1998. I have no idea what the normal life for a microwave is, but I would say my parents got their money worth.
Today we had to heat homemade fudge sauce for our ice cream on top of the stove. I had to melt butter for a recipe on top of the stove. It sure makes more dishes to not have a microwave, but it isn't that bad. If what the reports say, it will be much healthier for our family too. I have much more counter space too.
So do you use your microwave often?


Anonymous said...

Due to lack of counter space in my average Asian studio-apartment style kitchen; shortly after moving in, I put my microwave with "cart" in the closet! I pretty much only use it to heat a heating pad and to sometimes heat water for my neti pot. The top of the cart serves as my dresser. The microwave is used about once a month. It's working out beautifully, and I don't miss having an extra box in the way one bit.
Btw, I MUCH prefer stove-top popcorn over any other method. You should give it a try, too!

Melrose said...

We got rid of our microwave our second year at seminary when we too did a lot of research about the dangers of microwaved food. I never even miss it. We have a cheap toaster oven that heats leftovers quicker than the oven and I use the stove top quickly and easily. You won't believe how quickly you'll get used to it! :)

Joelle said...

uh....yeah, we use ours ALL the time. Guess that's just another thing that will do us in along with white sugar, flour, refined foods, etc. etc. We have so many left overs I'm not sure what I'd do. I could do it, but I'm chosing not to.

Dakotapam said...

We have one. I don't use it a whole lot, but the self sufficient teens use it quite a bit. They melt cheese on bagels, heat oatmeal etc. To be honest, I don't worry so much about the health risks. Everything that we do carries some risk. While it is wise to minimze many risks, you have to weigh risk vs. benefits for many things. The benefit of a microwave in my home means that I don't have to stand in the kitchen all day doling out snacks to children who are always hungry. That being said. Ours died a few years ago and *I* didn't miss it. That fact that it was replaced means that other people did:)