Sunday, September 18, 2011

New MN Homeschool Law

This was the first year we were required to turn in paperwork to our school superintendent for homeschooling because Lamb 1 is now 7 years old. Last year I looked at the law and figured out in my mind what we needed to gather-copy of parent college diploma, calendar we would use, etc.
Our state government was shut down for about 20 days this summer and then one of the first orders of business after the shut down ended was to make the homeschooling law easier for homeschoolers.

I turned in the form for Lamb 1 on Friday. This is what was required under the new law-
Child's Name and birthdate
Immunization Information (we had to get a notary to sign ours because the Lambs do not have varicella vaccine plus the report from their doctor that they have all their other required vaccines)
What test (each student must take a norm-referenced standardized achievement exam) and where it will be administered-in our case we plan to give the CAT at home

That's it! I know that many states are even easier than that and even under the old system MN was not that bad for what we were required to report compared to some other states. I'm just glad that our system is easier for us now.

I'm glad to get one more thing checked off my to do list and turn in the form before the October 1 deadline. Lamb 2 has already had two sessions with his new speech teacher too. So actually 2 things are crossed off the list. I'm hoping that the superintendent understands the new law enough to approve our form as first time reporters. (I don't expect him to fully understand the new law because it is so new. The hope for homeschoolers is to turn in the form and be left alone until they turn in the form next year.)

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