Friday, September 9, 2011

Agnus Dei Lutheran Academy 2011-2012 Daily Schedule Part 2

I left a comment for Melrose on my first post about our schedule (two days ago) to answer her question about if we do these daily or a rotation during the week.
In case she has the same question for this post-We do work on all this for the whole hour of 10-11. We don't always get a whole lot of all of this in for 3 Lambs in just one hour. We do try to get to all of it (writing, phonics, reading, spelling) because I believe it is the most important academic work for the early grades. Working on each part daily even if some is for a short time is more important to me than working for a long time on one part. They work hard until 11am and then they are rewarded with some time outside. I do try to get the "academic work" done by 11am. We aren't done with school yet but the afternoon/evening is fun activities or my reading aloud to them.
Also Lamb 1 is in second grade this year and does everything in our homeschool schedule-sometimes Lamb 2 and 3 play and don't get to everything and I don't worry because they are just 5 and 3. We did not do this much when Lamb 1 was just 5-we have worked our way to this.

10-11am Writing Road to Reading (mainly phonograms and spelling) /Handwriting (homemade worksheets)/Ordinary Parents Guide to Teaching Reading (especially for Lamb 2, but also Lamb 1 review) /Lamb 1 read (one time in the day that I will listen to him read to me, I don't always make the time to listen to him read until bedtime and then he's tired so it is on the schedule here)
During this time I also plan to spend a little time working with Lamb 3-nothing serious for a 3 year old but practice holding a pencil correctly, basic workbooks for coloring, etc. Lamb 3 is very anxious for this time. Before this year he's always been told to play while he watches his brothers each get their own time with Mama.

11-11:30 Outside time/walk to post office

11:30-12:30 Make lunch/ Devotions (rotate Matins and Vespers etc., prayer time as a family, read a Psalm together daily for a month)/ Eat lunch/ vitamins and cod liver oil/ clean up

12:30-1:30 Chores/Mama housework/boys get ready for rest time/boys play if extra time

1:30-2 Board Game/Card Game/Do puzzles (trying to get the Lambs to use some of these educational games we have by putting it on the schedule!)

To be continued next time. . .

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