Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I know the Lambs are homeschooled because. . .

I'm posting this to remind myself on bad days why we homeschool!
1. The Lambs called each other names last week when they were upset with each other-only they called each other names in Latin! I heard, "You're a Cancer!" and then "Well, you're a Capricorn!" and then to top it all off, "You're a Virgo!" They were soon laughing and not upset with each other. (I don't want to encourage the last one listed here though.)
2. When the Lambs have time to play they play things like-
-Lamb 1 reading a Bible story book to Lamb 2 and 3
-they build a "library" in the living room and pretend to check out books to each other
-they organize rocks on the sidewalk in shapes and I bet they counted them as they laid them out
-they go on a pretend nature hunt inside the house when it's too hot to play outside and stop several times to read
-they build a fort under the dining room table and have to bring books inside the fort
-when they find a caterpillar outside two are told to watch it while the other one runs inside to get a book to identify it
3. I began homeschool with a few subjects and waited until Labor Day to add all subjects. All the Lambs complained that we weren't doing enough school. No one complained when all subjects were added that it was taking too long.
4. Many days some or all of the Lambs only have on underwear until 11am.
5. The Lambs beg to be asked questions during Bible story and sometimes try to answer questions before I finish asking them or suggest a good question for me to ask!

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Joelle said...

Great list! We only do school during Timothy's nap, so our day is short (plus we have her therapy exercises to do then too). We're only doing barebones K, but she always asks for more too. LOVE that! Hope her love of learning stays with her for her whole life!