Saturday, September 10, 2011

Agnus Dei Lutheran Academy 2011-2012 Daily Schedule Part 3

2-3 Boys rest time (educational movie or nap
or play/read quietly)/ Mama nap?

3-3:30 Tea time/Music

3:30-4 Art T/R

4-5 Boys play/Mama declutter

5-6 Make and eat supper and clean up

6-6:30 Boys play/Mama housework

6:30-7 Boys clean up living room

7-7:30 Read aloud-fiction, science (see
side of blog for current study), history
(homemade list of Ancients, may post
more on our history schedule as we get
into this quarter)

7:30-8pm Get ready for bed/bath (some nights)/prayers (Kyrie, Lord's Prayer, 
Creed, Luther's Evening Prayer, hymn 
(one practiced in morning), I am Jesus 
Little LambNow the Light has Gone 

8-9pm Boys in bed listen to story on CD 
or classical music/Mama correspondence 

9-10 Mama computer time

10-11 Ram and Ewe Compline and 
Together Time

11PM-8AM Sleep

Weekly Activities-not sure of exact days 
or times yet
Lamb 3 ECFE-Tuesday afternoon
Lamb 1 (maybe Lamb 2 too) piano lessons-probably Tuesday afternoon
Lamb 2 speech class-Friday morning

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