Friday, September 16, 2011

Sunday School 2011-2012

September 11 was the first day of Sunday School for us. There is one other family with 3 children besides our family. The teacher that is over 80 years old along with one other lady to help teaches the boys-Lamb 1 and 2 and another 7 year old boy. The dad of the other family with kids at our church teaches his 4th grade daughter. I am teaching Lamb 3 and their 2 year old girl. We have a SS opening and then the two older classes use CPH Growing in Christ materials.
Lamb 1 asked me if I ever taught Sunday School before. It got me thinking, I hadn't taught Sunday School since 1993! I helped with SS and VBS some years but I didn't teach. I taught kindergarten SS when I was in high school and also taught VBS at a neighboring town the summer of '93. Then I went back to college and lived there during the summer and didn't have another chance to teach SS. When I taught in the LCMS school the church did not like day school teachers to teach SS-they liked them to attend Bible class and have a day off of teaching once a week, which I appreciated. Since we moved here I wasn't needed to teach and with young children I didn't volunteer for anything extra.
We chose to not buy any extra materials for my class since it is 2 and 3 year olds. It was fun to go through my files and see what I could find plus we are using the CPH Bible story posters that I purchased a few years ago. They have a very short attention span as compared to the first graders in my classroom so I'm glad we chose to not buy more materials.
I was mildly concerned that the homeschooled Lambs would be behind the other boy (public school) in their class. Lamb 2 still has a difficult time writing his name without gentle reminders to check that all the letters in his name are facing the correct direction. I was so happy to see him write his name correctly as he was drawing during church today-that was a clue to me that he probably wrote it correctly during SS too. Lamb 1 is very shy and I know he can read but he doesn't read to me very often and talks to others even less than he does to Ram and me. On the way home from church he mentioned that the SS teacher asked him to read a prayer on the worksheet. He admitted that he did but she had to help him with ONE word. I started to praise him and he got embarrassed and acted like what is the big deal, I just read the prayer mom! I looked at the prayer and it wasn't the easiest vocabulary or short. Now if I could just motivate them to do that well during homeschool for me!

*The prayer Lamb 1 read-
Dear God, You have given me a family. Forgive me when I lie, deceive, or become jealous of others in my family. Thank You for making me Your child in Baptism, for forgiving my sin, and for blessing me with a place in Your family through Jesus Christ, my Lord. Amen.
(CPH 2011)

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