Friday, January 13, 2012


Last Saturday we relaxed around home. Then Ewe went to the library book sale and found a few things and checked out even more from the library. It was nice to go to the library by myself. While I was gone Ram and the Lambs took the Christmas tree down and put it in the garage. It took a few more days for Ewe to get the ornaments put away, but I think the day after Epiphany is the earliest we have ever taken our tree down. Then when I got home Ram took his turn and bought a lot at the library book sale. He made it right on time before they closed the sale.
Sunday was church and relax at home.
Monday was Ram's day off, he had taken off Friday the week before since Monday was a holiday. So besides Sunday morning he basically had a 4 day weekend. Monday we did some tasks that needed to be done, some had been put off for years, and now that we are in a city we are able to do them more easily.
1. Ram had a bike from college that sat in our garage in MN. MN winters and sitting in a garage for 9+ years were not good for it. The tires and seat needed to be replaced but it was a good bike. He took it in on Monday morning and they didn't have much business this time of year so it was finished and he picked it up Monday afternoon.
2. Ram gave me a crucifix necklace for an anniversary present to replace the one I lost last spring. The chain was very short so he went to the jewelry shop and ordered a longer one for me.
3. The Lambs have used our sofa cushions as horses, walls of forts, and who knows what else in their imaginary play and the cushions were worn out and holes in them. The frame is still good. Shortly before we moved we tried to order cushion covers but they were backordered and finally we canceled the order so moving to a new address would not confuse the order any more. So online we found some new covers and ordered them. They were not what I wanted originally, but they will work and they were on sale. Eventually we may purchase a slipcover for the whole sofa, but in the meantime the cushions look a little better. I wish I was a little better at sewing and could make these myself because all this stuff is so expensive, but this is not a project that I want to do enough to spend the time on it. Plus I'm not even sure where we will put this sofa in our new house, I think the living room needs a loveseat, not a sofa. If it will fit, we may put this sofa in one of the bedrooms. At least now it is fixed temporarily.
4. Ram had a hole in one of his suit coats that I thought he got from rough play with the Lambs, but he corrected me and told me it got caught on a window at church as he passed by. I knew I couldn't repair something like that. He went to a few alteration shops to see if they could fix it and sadly they couldn't-it would have been such an obvious repair. That was why I didn't attempt to mend it. So after checking at a few alteration shops then he went shopping for a new suit coat. He bought one almost exactly like the one he ruined and it was half price, but yikes, that was an expensive accident.
5. One of our church members is a Creative Memories consultant. She had an evening in her home talking about getting photos organized and showing their new products. My scrapbook stuff is all still packed, but it was good to go hear some ideas when I get unpacked. I'm excited when I get unpacked to get back to scrapbooking.
6. Ram picked up the drycleaning. There were 3 items and the total was $6. In MN one sweater was $7. Plus it was done the next day after we took it in. This is one area where living in a big city is nice. I don't get much drycleaned, but a few of the Christmas outfits for the Lambs needed drycleaning.
Our whole weekend we accomplished a lot that needed to be done. It is good to get some of this done before we get busy on the new house.

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