Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Before we moved into the parsonage in MN, the Ladies Aid bought us a refrigerator. It was nice to begin life in MN with a new refrigerator.
When it was time to move we realized our rental house in ID did not have a refrigerator and we had to leave the refrigerator with the parsonage in MN. So we went to a used appliance store and bought a cheap used fridge with the hopes that it would last us until we moved into the house we buy. We didn't know if there would be a refrigerator or how big the space for the fridge in the house we buy would be.
We bought the fridge in November and the last few days it has been making noises. The food was still cold- even right according to the thermometer I put in there.
So I called the store we bought it from and they said we had a 6 month warranty and would send a repairman out. Today I took everything out of the fridge/freezer and put it in our cooler, some on the counter, some on the garage floor. The repairman took one look at it and said it would be $350 to fix it so they would replace it instead. So since it still keeps things cold I loaded it back up with the food from the freezer and fridge. Tomorrow they will deliver the new to us fridge and I will take everything out of the old fridge and load up the new fridge.
I am so thankful that we bought this fridge at the second store instead of the first and that they had a 6 month warranty-Craigslist doesn't have warranties.
God has truly worked out all the details of moving for us-right down to replacing a fridge that broke down 2 months after we bought it.
A little before the repairman for the fridge came today we put an offer on a house. So now we even know the dimensions of where the new fridge will go if it comes to needing to replace this second fridge. Hopefully we will be in our new house before this second fridge dies though!

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Raggedy Sue said...

I have enjoyed reading the posts about your move/transition. It is exciting to see our Lord at work in your lives!